Online registration and payment.ย 

Registration FAQ's:

Grade - During registration, Grade is asked twice. In both scenarios, please enter the Grade that the camper will be entering during the 2024/2025 school year. Graduated students, also known as Super Seniors, will select "Adult (18+)".

Theme T-Shirt - When selecting the theme T-Shirt, you may purchase as many as you would like. Now, parents and other siblings can get their own piece of camp merchandise. This year we will be ordering a heavy cotton pre-washed Tshirt.ย 

Returning Campers - For all returning campers, much of the information should be auto-populated. It is very important to review all the information for accuracy. In particular, medical information should be reviewed and updated as necessary.ย 

Multiple Campers - If registering multiple campers, please be aware that there is an auto-fill button to copy data from one camper to the next. It is available directly above the second and subsequent campers just above their name: "Auto-fill form". See image below. Please note that the insurance information is not being auto-filled, but hopefully this will still serve as a time saver for you.

Payment processing - We are set up to receive payments through We also offer the ability for you to pay using offline methods. Please be aware that we MUST receive payment for Theme shirts at the time of registration checkout. If this does not work for you for any reason, we can make individual arrangements as needed.

Alternate payments - If paying by check, please send to the camp director. Address is on our Contact Us page. We also support payment through Zelle using Although we accept PayPal at this time, due to additional fees incurred, please avoid this option.

Super Seniors - as mentioned above, Super Seniors will select Adult (18+) in the grade dropdown field. Super Seniors will also have their own registration option which includes the extra cost for their canoe trip during the week of camp. On top of this, we also require that all Super Seniors order a Theme T-Shirt, which we customize for our oldest campers.

If you have any issues, please contact DJ Walker at 501-412-7634, feel free to call or text. You may email with registration questions as well,