Base Ministry

We want to take a moment and introduce you to Base Ministry. We encourage youth through missions as a great way to answer the need of more young people to lead in ministry.

We have invited Base Ministry (YMI) to be a part of your child’s camp experience. At RRVHC we provide practical, peer-to-peer evangelism training and practice. If your child chooses, they will attend a class each day to prepare them for an afternoon of an authentic ministry experience where they will lead ministry as a team. We love being able to empower your students to share their faith here and create an avenue in which they feel comfortable sharing their faith back home as well.

We continue to see this aspect of your child’s development as important and have invited Base Ministry back again this year. Your child will only be getting a snippet of what they are capable of in serving and leading. After the experience we will have times to reflect on what they saw and how God stirred in their lives. We would encourage you to continue that conversation with your child when they get home. There are three practical ways you can encourage the heart of your child as they look to serve Jesus in their communities: 

1. Look for authentic ministry experiences they can be a part of. Whether this is alongside your local church in your own community or on a trip overseas, we encourage you to seek out these opportunities for your students.

2. Share with them both, your testimony and your Gospel presentation. Sharing your own journey will help them see God move throughout your life and encourage them to stand up and share their own faith.

3. Pray for your child and their desire to make their faith real and sharing it with others. We have seen time and time again when somebody is able to share their faith, it causes them to make it their own. Praying for your son/daughter to have opportunities to share their faith will have long lasting impact in their lives.

We are so thankful for the opportunity you have given us to serve in developing your students. To see more about what Base Ministry does please go to If your church does not have opportunities for your student to be involved in sharing their faith, Base Ministry would love to speak with you about how they can serve your local church and generate some authentic ministry experiences. They would love to answer any questions you might have as they prepare for camp. Please feel free to e-mail them at with any questions!