About Us

Red River Valley Honors Camp

RRVHC is hosted every year at Bogg Springs Baptist Camp in Wickes, AR. 

Red River Valley Honors Camp is for Awana Clubbers and youth entering grades 6th -12th including graduating high school seniors. While our camp got its start through the Awana program, campers no longer have to participate in Awana to be eligible to attend. Camp, however, is still set up as a giant Awana meeting with organized game time, Bible Hour, verse memorization and group worship services. 

Campers are split into two age groups: Grades 6th-8th are considered JV campers while grades 9th-12th are Varsity campers. JV and Varsity Campers have completely separate Bible lessons, memory verses, and game times all week. Varsity has extra activities every night that we call "late night". Graduating seniors (who we lovingly call our Super Seniors) will have a "late late night" every night after the rest of Varsity is sent to their cabins. 

All campers will be sorted into one of the four color teams: red, blue, green or yellow. They will bunk with their color and compete against the other teams for the week. Each team can earn points through reciting their memory verses, cleaning their cabins, winning games and bible quizzing over the day's lesson. The winning team is announced each year after Friday banquet. 

Each camper will have two hours of free time every day to do any of the following activities as well as many other options: 

Many teens return year after year because of the relationships, fun, and spiritual growth that takes place at camp! It's not rare to find campers returning for their 8th year at camp or a camper-turned-staff returning for their 10th year of camp, or more. Camp friendships last decades and span across multiple states!

When you're here, you're home.