Crafts & Snacks

For those who like to budget... here is pricing for all things available to purchase while at camp!

Camp Crafts

Camp Crafts are available to purchase in the cafeteria during free time! Be sure and check them out early, some crafts run out quickly or require 2+ days to complete. 

Camp Crafts Price List '24.pdf


Tie Dye drawstring bag

Leather cross

Leather teardrop earrings

Leather strap key fob

Squeegee painting

Tie Dye Crafts

If you want to do a tie dye project at camp -  you can bring your own item to dye! At camp you can purchase a bandana to dye.  

Bogg Snack Shack

Snacks and drinks are sold by Bogg Staff during the evenings and during free time. They are found in the Snack Shack by the cafeteria! 

The bank isn't open in the evening so make sure you get your money during free time if you want to buy something that night.